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Exploring Film #8: Expired colour film & croquet


Film: Expired Fuji Professional PRO 160S

This is my first roll of expired film, thanks to Tempest & Chris, and was pretty surprised when I saw the results.

I have a few more rolls of expired film from different brands, including two rolls of Konica from 2005, and am excited to see what comes out next.

Nikon FA

The Nikon FA is the first Nikon camera to introduce Matrix metering way back in 1983. This is the same metering system used throughout their dSLRs today, although Matrix metering is much more advanced today. Apparently photographers at the time were reluctant to adopt this new ‘fancy’ camera because they didn’t trust the metering system. Funny. The system divides the scene into four basic quadrants and also has a fifth spot in the center.

The FA also also has the exposure modes all modern photographers will recognise: M,A,S,P. Plus, it is almost as fast as modern dSLRs with its 1/4000s shutter mechanism. On top of all this goodness it has a dial for EV adjustments (-2 > + 2 EV), a little switch for easily taking multiple-exposures and even has a switch to cover the eye piece for accurate long exposures. Ahhhhh, I love you Nikon FA.

Pictured here with a Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm 1.4

  • 35mm film SLR
  • Shutter speeds:Bulb > 1/4000s
  • ISO: 12 > 3200
  • M,A,S,P exposure modes
  • TTL lightmeter (Matrix & center-weighted)
  • EV compensation
  • Self-timer
  • DOF preview

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  • Tempest says:

    Like the one of Lyra in the air

    • Guy says:

      Yeah, me too. The colours & contrast came out great but I can’t decide whether its due to the expired film though.

      Most of the photos here aren’t special at all but I felt compelled to share the expired film results, since it is the kind of thing I crawl the web in search for.

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