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Exploring Film #7: Fast lenses and a benchmark SLR but more light bleed


A few photos from some friends child’s first birthday, Lyra, and a goofy pirate.

Okay, so you probably noticed the white blotch that appears in most of the photos. This is from a small tear in the second shutter curtain and varies in intensity depending on how long the shutter is loaded with light coming through the lens.

Nikon F (Photomic T)

The Nikon F is a benchmark SLR that was introduced in 1959, with this particular model (TTL lightmeter) being released in 1965, and established the F-mount system still used in Nikon SLRs today.

Pictured here with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

  • 35mm film SLR
  • Shutter speeds:Bulb > 1/1000s
  • ISO: 10 > 1600
  • DOF preview
  • TTL lightmeter
  • Self-timer
  • Flash-sync: 1/60s with electronic flash and up to 1/1000s with off camera bulbs.

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